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CFOs, chief compliance officers and internal auditors are struggling with manual, repetitive work, inefficiencies, and lack of visibility into their business processes. This makes it difficult for them to identify risks, fix issues on time and achieve efficient internal compliance. 

With Datricks, teams in all organizations can now easily and automatically gain full visibility into their internal processes, quickly and accurately mitigating risks in real time.

We apply advanced process-mining and explainable AI technologies to create a ground-breaking solution, fully automated and with zero onboarding overhead.  For the first time, continuous process control and risk mitigation is achieved with the click of a button.

Advanced technology at your service


Achieve superior internal compliance

100% accurate process mapping; real time monitoring of exceptions and deviations; compliance related conflict resolution in real time

Optimize risk management

Full visibility into risk exposure; real-time risk management; continuous risk monitoring; relevant alerts, predictions and recommendations

Prevent internal fraud

Internal fraud detection and relevant alerts; continuous monitoring; identification of fraud related process issues.

The Datricks Interface

Our AI and process-mining based solution will automatically discover how your current internal processes really work, analyze and provide alerts on deviations from standard processes.

We analyze all data, not just samples, all the time, in real-time.

All alerts and recommendations are based on data only - no interviews, no opinions and no predispositions.   

We know SAP inside out, certified by them, and provide seamless integration and super fast onboarding for SAP-based organizations.

  • End-to-end automatic solution
  • Continuous, always-on process monitoring
  • Unbiased data-driven insights
  • SAP certified solution, onboarding in no time

Apply Datricks to

Bring all your audit and compliance data into on central place
Minimize loses and mitigate risks
Build a fraud-free organization
Simplify and streamline financial compliance
Automate process discovery and maximize efficiencies

How does it work?

Connect Datricks certified API to unlock your data
Datricks automatically extracts relevant data and performs its magic
Open the dashboard for business processes visibility and insights
Datricks will continuously monitor and alert on issues in real time

Explore a new standard for automated process discovery and risk management

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