Supercharging Enterprise-level Internal Audit, Internal Compliance & Risk Management Efficiency with Automated Process Mining

Tailored to: CFOs, internal-auditors and internal compliance teams in enterprise-level finance departments

How to eliminate risks, reduce repetitive manual work and increase accuracy and visibility, with the help of technology

The struggle is real. CFOs, internal compliance, and audit teams face serious challenges daily due to their grave responsibility in complex organizations. Such challenges are amplified when facing the lack of tech solutions.

From ever-changing complex company processes to extensive regulation and personal liability, these are just a few of enterprise-level CFOs’ daily concerns. Adding repetitive manual work with plenty of room for human error or bias does not help.

Therefore, it is not surprising that executives are hunting for tech-based solutions to offer them visibility, simplicity, automation of repetitive manual work, and smart optimization towards enhanced efficiency.

In this guide, you will learn:

-The pains of CFOs, internal compliance, and internal audit teams

-What is process mining, and how it transforms finance departments

-The stages of implementing automated process mining & concrete use cases

-Examples of real-life case studies

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