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Risk Mining for
Audits that Matter

With Datricks Risk Mining, you can detect and control risks in real-time with a simple click, ensuring continuous financial compliance and significantly impacting the bottom line of your business.

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Reduce Cost.
Increase Efficiency.

 The numbers speak for themselves


Cash flow impact: early payments


Loss mitigated: duplicate payments


High risk actual SoD compliance violations identified


Hours saved by eliminating inefficient processes


Wasted effort discovered by process comparison


Cases of non compliant customer discounts identified

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Group 4
As the auditing team of a leading global company, we understood that advanced data analysis can dramatically improve the efficiency of our Internal Audit process. Datricks proved to be the perfect partner in this journey. With their advanced Risk Mining, AI and Continuous Auditing capabilities we were able to quickly find meaningful issues with substantial impact on the business, contributing to the continued success of ICL
Rami Bareket
Director, Head of Global IT Audit ICL Group
Implementing critical controls in no time ( meeting SOX requirements)!
Datricks mapped controls that were never conducted in the past or were done manually allowing me and my team the ability to implement efficient critical controls in no time. Furthermore, Datricks also allows us to focus on areas in the process where we need to improve operationally and implement our strategy based on real insights at the same time as we ensure continuous compliance, decreasing audit cycles
Rina Greenberg
Netafim Ltd controller Finance
In the changing world of digitization, an auditor is no longer expected to constitute only as a professional finance person, but also as a Data Expert or a Data Scientist, especially as the volume of information needed for an audit is much larger, the regulatory requirements for understanding business processes are significantly greater, and the expectation from clients is much higher. For this reason, technologies such as the Datricks solution provides, are so important as the AI solution gives greater added value to customers and auditors, while also shortening the process of understanding our clients and their risks, and thus making our services more precise and effective.
Lior Mistriel
Partner - Digital Audit, PwC Israel
Irobot customer quote copy (1)
Datricks helped iRobot by showing process variances between regions in our global business; allowing us to prioritize efficiency opportunities and controls over business variations that were suddenly visible.
Brian Wueste
Head of Internal Audit at iRobot

How We Help You Save Time and Money

Using a combination of risk mining and explainable AI, Datricks automatically maps your entire business processes, identifies your risks in real-time at the transaction level, and provides you with clarity, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Lack of clarity into business processes and compliance gaps

Lack of resources

78% of material weaknesses are due to lack of
resources to analyze complex financial transactions

Audits are too long and expensive

50% of overall compliance costs are allocated to financial reporting and audit fees which take on average approximately 6 months per company

Processes and data are hidden

33% of NYSE and NASDAQ IPOs have disclosed material weaknesses, due to lack of visibility into financial business operations

Our Solution

Maximize efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive continuous compliance with real-time insights

Smart automatic approach
to mitigate risk

Avoid SoD actual violations, Maverick Buying and any
other financial deficiencies that lead to fraud and risk

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Datricks combines process mining and AI technology empowering your auditors to comprehensively examine your entire financial activity not otherwise possible by humans or legacy auditing tools.

Go fast: Hassle-free connectivity

Total coverage of your entire financial environment in just 5 days. Connect to our SaaS or on-prem with no human intervention and expensive projects

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With all your financial systems connected easily and fast, Datricks gets to work surfacing risks. Automated AI-powered algorithms continuously crawl through all systems-of-record and surface issues.

Discover financial gaps
across your entire financial environment

Detect and analyze early, duplicate payments, and other capital leakage

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Datricks unveils, identifies, evaluates and prioritizes risks in a comprehensive alerts dashboard allowing financial teams adopt a strategic, advisory role that can impact and improve business outcomes.

Actionable insight without
the noise

Our AI data-driven technology provides real-time
actual alerts to help you stay updated continuously
and automate alerts into action

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Actionable dashboards visualize processes alongside root cause analysis and automate what should be done about it in real-time and not months later.

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