A groundbreaking, fully automated solution for internal audit & compliance teams


Leverage our Process Mining and AI-powered solution to map processes, identify compliance issues and manage risks


Gain unprecedented insights and visibility into business processes

Mine processes in 5 days. Not months.​

Yes, just 5 days to gain full visibility into how your internal processes work, including comparison to best practices and exceptions.​

Recover unknown losses

Leverage our unmatched, automatic loss recovery capability to instantly identify risks and stop the leakage.

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Build a fraud free organization

Get automatic real-time alerts and act on time – anomalies, suspicious activities and more.

Simplify internal compliance

Easily understand and remediate compliance gaps.

Audit prep: Time to findings

With Datricks
Without Datricks
3 months
5 days

SOD violations


CACCs* implemented per customer on average


Duplicate invoices

0 s

of A-HAAA moments experienced by customers


Redundant activities 

Fits your process, universally

sales force

As the auditing team of a leading global company, we understood that advanced data analysis can dramatically improve the efficiency of our Internal Audit process. Datricks proved to be the perfect partner in this journey. With their advanced Process Mining, AI and Continuous Auditing capabilities we were able to quickly find meaningful issues with substantial impact on the business, contributing to the continued success of ICL.

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Rami Bareket

Director, Head of Global IT Audit ICL Group


Explore a new standard for automated process discovery and risk management

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