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Our Story

A unique AI technology helping financial teams adapt to the digital era,
enabling them to quickly detect risks, fraud and reach continuous

Our Story

A unique AI technology helping financial teams adapt to the digital era,
enabling them to quickly detect risks and fraud and reach continuous

About Datricks

Datricks is an enterprise-grade solution that empowers CFOs, internal auditors and SOX teams achieve risk-free financial compliance. Our unique AI technology enables full visibility of financial activities and improves transparency, enabling our customers to make decisions faster and accelerate compliance.

Datricks is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record of implementing financial systems in highly complex environments for some of the world’s largest companies. Our experience inspired us to develop a solution that combines our knowledge of financial business processes and industries with cutting edge technology to deliver a new way for finance teams to do their day-to-day work. It is our biggest passion in life to solve problems and create value by doing that. Every line of code, every screen, every result delivered to a customer, all are aligned with this passion.

Meet the team and check out their beat

Haim Halpern

CEO and Co-founder
Bitmap Copy

Roy Rozenblum

CTO and Co-founder
Bitmap Copy 2

Avi Luski

Data Science Group Manager
Bitmap Copy 4

Yoav Ostinsky

Data Platform Group Product Manager

Michal Samuels

Head Of Marketing
Sharon Castel Head copy

Sharon Castel

Data Scientist

Meirav Gal-Shoshan

Head Of Growth

Renato Rossi

Head of Partner Management & Alliances

Ola Agiv

Software Engineer
Rony Maman head copy

Rony Maman

Head of Customer Success

Einav Daniel

Devops Engineer
Aaron Kaplan Head copy

Aaron Kaplan

Sales Development Representative

Dima Smotritsky

Software Engineer

Chen Kleinman

Head Of People

Ronen Coopfer

Atara Saltzman Head copy

Atara Saltzman

Sales Development Representative

Shlomi Hafif

Software Engineer
Beth Finegan Reynolds Head copy

Beth Finegan Reynolds

Strategic Sales Director, North America
Sam Esber

Sam Esber

Compliance Specialist

Ellie Manning

Compliance Specialist

Avi Sarmani

Software Engineer

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