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The fastest way to
Continuous Compliance

Get real time accurate insights to
maximize efficiency, mitigate risk and
realize continuous compliance

The Fastest Way To Continuous Compliance

Get real time accurate insights to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk and
realize continuous compliance


Datricks enables audit and finance professionals to easily adapt and evolve to changes in your business.  Digital transformation, regulation changes and new risks are top of mind for financial professionals. With Datricks, finance teams can easily and automatically gain full visibility into their internal processes allowing them to mitigate risks quickly and accurately in real time. The ground-breaking solution uses advanced risk-mining and AI technology to fully automate what was once largely manual.  No heavy lifting is required from IT so you can onboard fast and see results in 5 days or less. Datricks is an essential tool for companies on their way to an IPO.  The solution enables streamlined reporting and automates the compliance process, helping you maximize your scarce internal resources

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Use Cases


Get full visibility of your entire financial activity across all systems and automatically receive accurate insight and alerts of process deficiencies to prevent risk and fraud


Attain a digital first audit environment adaptable to ongoing changes allowing continuity of processes and continuous monitoring allowing financial team impact business

IPO Filing

Achieve consistency and transparency of financial reporting ensuring CFOs sign off a fully flawless report protecting company reputation driven by AI automatic controls


Extract deep insights automatically, quickly in a comprehensive alerts dashboard, giving financial teams the unfair advantage of impacting business with no extra resources


Provides easy-to-follow and efficient business processes, allowing financial teams to capitalize on root cause analysis when risks arise while maintaining credibility and compliance


Datricks mission statement is to transform the way CFOs and auditors achieve financial compliance by introducing AI and automation

Why Datricks


Today most solutions in the market require complex integration projects which involve multi-disciplinary teams of domain experts. The Datricks approach is based on the simple notion of simplicity providing value from day one. To deliver this, the entire solution is based on automation from end-to-end; from the first step of set up, through discovery and mapping, all the way to alerts and insights.

Customers That Trust Us

Group 4
As the auditing team of a leading global company, we understood that advanced data analysis can dramatically improve the efficiency of our Internal Audit process. Datricks proved to be the perfect partner in this journey. With their advanced Process Mining, AI and Continuous Auditing capabilities we were able to quickly find meaningful issues with substantial impact on the business, contributing to the continued success of ICL.
Rami Bareket
Director, Head of Global IT Audit ICL Group
Implementing critical controls in no time (Meeting SOX requirements)!
Datricks mapped controls that were never conducted in the past or were done manually allowing me and my team the ability to implement efficient critical controls in no time. Furthermore, Datricks also allows us to focus on areas in the process where we need to improve operationally and implement our strategy based on real insights at the same time as we ensure continuous compliance, decreasing audit cycles
Rina Greenberg
Netafim Ltd controller Finance
In the changing world of digitization, an auditor is no longer expected to constitute only as a professional finance person, but also as a Data Expert or a Data Scientist, especially as the volume of information needed for an audit is much larger, the regulatory requirements for understanding business processes are significantly greater, and the expectation from clients is much higher. For this reason, technologies such as the Datricks solution provides, are so important as the AI solution gives greater added value to customers and auditors, while also shortening the process of understanding our clients and their risks, and thus making our services more precise and effective.
Lior Mistriel
Partner - Digital Audit, PwC Israel

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